Land steward

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a person who acts for another in the management of land, collection of rents, etc.

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The castle is said to be haunted by a former land steward who is believed to have cheated Chapman out of money.
Cemex USA was recognized by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for its ongoing commitment to sustainability and land stewardship with the prestigious 2017 Lone Star Land Steward Award for the Trans Pecos Ecoregion.
Inducted with legendary media personality and conservation proponent Steve "Wild Man" Wilson and veteran land steward Scott Simon, of The Nature Conservancy, Herndon was humble about his induction as he reflected on his lifetime as a sportsman and boat builder.
Matt Benotsch is a land steward for The Nature Conservancy of Oregon and has been playing disc golf since 1991.
The property was transferred from private to public ownership in 2002, and California State Parks is the official land steward.
He said: "I started work at the council taking articles under the land steward and surveyors' department.
Noskiye was recruited by the Bigstone Conservation Office to serve as a land steward officer for her northwestern Alberta band, Bigstone Cree, and in that position was enrolled in the Land Stewardship program in 2007.
Duchy Land Steward David Curtis, who is responsible for the Duchy estate of more than 38,000 acres across England and Wales, said the purchase was the fruit of a five-year search.
Teaming with a respected land steward will ensure that the environmental cleanup and the ultimate transfer of the property is completed in an appropriate and timely manner .
Since 1993, Robert Eidus has been president of the North Carolina Ginseng & Goldenseal Company and the land steward for Eagle Feather Organic Farm.
Daughter and in order to better his circumstances, acted as Land Steward to Mr Hay of Lees and farms some additional acres of Land in the neighbourhood of Cordon.