Land wind

Same as Land breeze (above).

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Veracruz (sea coast location Golf of Mexico, so sea wind during the day and land wind in the night are expected).
Any further bump in price is sure to inflame critics, who frequently note that Cape Wind's power is far more expensive than other energy sources, including more than double that of land wind.
STG has installed approximately 80 percent of the utility-scale wind projects currently in operation across the state, including crane support for the Fire Is land Wind project near Anchorage and in rural communities throughout Alaska.
Currently the Government suggests there should be a reduction in land wind farm expansion and an increase in fracking, but surely now it is time politicians listened to majority opinion and objections.
Other advantages to offshore wind are that the turbines are easier to transport by water than by land; there's no need for overland high-voltage lines; there are more suitable sites and fewer zoning and visual issues; and offshore wind is steadier than land wind, including during the day, when demand is greatest.
Farmers, whose land wind companies rent, say it is a bumper crop amidst agricultural uncertainties.
CCID Consulting analyst Qiu Shiming added that offshore wind power generation is emerging in China and will become an important form of energy, noting that China's offshore wind energy resources are far greater than land wind energy resources.
That could be part of the reason why it has recently switched its attention from land wind farms to those sited at sea.
It is a pioneer in projects related to marine wind farms, and builds land wind farms, large size solar photovoltaic and thermoelectric plants, as well as biodiesel plants located in port environments.
Contract notice: Service contract for the realization of the tracks and platforms and / or foundations of a land wind farm in the champagne picardy aisne department (02).
FARM PLAN Consortium hopes to land wind farm contract.