Lagrangian point

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La·gran·gi·an point

Astronomy Any of five points in the orbital plane of two bodies, one of which is much larger than the other, at which a third, even smaller body will remain in gravitational equilibrium. Bodies located at Lagrangian points appear stationary with respect to the larger two bodies. Also called Lagrange point.

[After Comte Joseph Louis Lagrange.]

Lagrangian point

(Astronomy) astronomy one of five points in the plane of revolution of two bodies in orbit around their common centre of gravity, at which a third body of negligible mass can remain in equilibrium with respect to the other two bodies
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If successful, the two satellites will be positioned at the L2 Langrangian point of the Sun-Earth system, some 1.
Scientists said the spacecraft was still in its "halo" orbit around the Sun 930,000 miles away, near the so- called "L-1" Langrangian point, where the gravitational pull of the Earth and Sun balances out.