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n.1.(Zool.) One of several species of East Indian and Asiatic fresh-water fishes of the genus Ophiocephalus, remarkable for their power of living out of water, and for their tenacity of life; - called also walking fishes.
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Langya , one of the localities apparently believed that "an herb collected from an auspicious local mountain" could be the elixir.
2115B Nanjing Road, Economic Development Zone, Chuzhou Langya, 239000 China 86-0550-3315503 The CLI Group Booth No.
The Lalu Qingdao offers convenient access to popular attractions such as the Qingdao Forest Wildlife Park, Golden Sands Beach, Langya Terrace and the official west-coast venue of the 25th Qingdao International Beer Festival.
Records show that in 219 BC the emperor visited Langya Mountain on the southeastern Shandong coast.
Chen Yinke shows that this belief in religious Daoism goes back very far in the Langya Wang family, at least to their distant ancestor, Wang Ji, who died in 48 B.
Langya magpalabas ba ng pirated na A Second Chance e meron namang pirated na Beauty and the Bestie