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 (lā-ŏd′ĭ-sē′ə, lā′ə-dĭ-)
An ancient city of western Asia Minor in present-day western Turkey. Built by the Seleucids in the third century bc, it was a prosperous Roman market town on the trade route from the East and an early center of Christianity.


(Placename) the ancient name of several Greek cities in W Asia, notably of Latakia


(ˌlæt əˈki ə)

1. Ancient, Laodicea. a seaport in NW Syria, on the Mediterranean. 196,791.
2. a coastal district in Syria, in the W part. 554,384.
3. a variety of Turkish tobacco.
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For them, Koranche is an apostate, a betrayer of the Way and a deceiver of his people, just as for the Puritans, the Church of England was comparable to Laodicia, the most sinful church in Revelation.
Similarly, the council of Laodicia required rebaptism for Montanists but chrismation for Novatianists or Quartodecimans.