Lap weld

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a lap joint made by welding together overlapping edges or ends.

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Redesign the part with joints that can withstand more heat, such as substituting a lap weld for a butt joint.
A lap weld joining a 416 stainless cap to a 310 stainless body is shown in Figure 2.
Realizing these tolerances created additional process problems, delays, and their associated costs, Calsonic took a serious second look at standard converter design and eventually settled on a lap weld with controlled penetration as being the most appropriate to their requirements.
In the early 1960s, basic oxygen process for steel manufacture was in place and the Bessemer process, furnace butt weld and lap weld pipe were discontinued.
The force at break of the lap welds was assessed on an Instron Model 4206 Universal testing machine at a cross-head speed of 5 mm/min.
Lap welds melt a lot of metal to produce a small connection, but they have a much larger tolerance on position than butt welds (Pascu et al.
The excellent arc characteristics of Excalibur 7028 across a wide current range give welders the ability to deposit fillet and lap welds without undercutting.