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Noun1.Lappic - any of the languages spoken by the Lapps and generally assumed to be Uralic languagesLappic - any of the languages spoken by the Lapps and generally assumed to be Uralic languages
Uralic, Uralic language - a family of Ural-Altaic languages
Lapp, Saame, Saami, Same, Sami - the language of nomadic Lapps in northern Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula
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Sino-Finnic): Lappic vuollel 'under', vuole/viille 'lower part', viilne/vuiln/vueiln/voiln/ 'under'; Mordvin al 'nether', alo/ala 'under'; Mari ul-/ulo- 'nether', ulna/ulno 'under'; Udmurt ul 'nether', ulin/ulan 'under'; Komi ulin/uvin 'under'; Mansi jala'n/joln/jalan/jalan 'below'; Khanty il/it/il 'nether'; Hungarian al- 'sub-'; Nenets nil-/nir- 'nether', yilna 'under'; Enets ido/iro 'bottom', isone 'under'; Nganasan nilea 'nether', nileanu 'under'; Selkup iil/il/rl 'bottom'; Kamas jilda 'downwards'; Yukaghir -al 'under'.
Sino-Finnic): Lappic guoli, -e/kuolle/kiille/kuill/kuoill 'fish';
Her most recent book, Noci u bijelom satenu (Nights in White Satin), can be read in two ways: on the one hand as a chronologically unconnected novel about our own world, concentrated in a narrow triangle delimited by two towns (Duga Resa, the writer's place of residence, and Karlovac, the nearest larger town, felt as an entrance into "the real world") and a city (Zagreb, a model of this universe); on the other hand as a collection of four stories, in sequence "One Day in the Life of a Lappic Princess," "Nights in White Satin," "A Short Anthology of Dishcloths," and "The Wizard's Last Self.
2) Such alternations occur in most Finnic languages, in Lappic, in Nganasan, and in Ket Selkup although not all inflected words undergo gradation in these languages.
i in the 1st and 2nd person singular personal pronouns in Lappic and Mordvinic (North Lapp mon, don; Erzya and Moksha mon, ton).