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n. pl.1.(Ethnol.) A branch of the Mongolian race, now living in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, and the adjacent parts of Russia.
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I don't know if she wore skins, but she was a Lapps all right, and his folks felt dreadful about it.
I guess that's what's the matter with me; they say Lapp blood will out.
There must be something mighty taking about the Lapp girls, though; mother says the Norwegians up North are always afraid their boys will run after them.
The Samoyeds of northwest Siberia are related linguistically to the Finns and the Lapps, and they also regarded the North Star as the "nail of the sky .
His use and abuse of the Lapps, his intense self-promotion, and the futility of so many of his scientific ventures makes him a rather strange scientific model.
If you watched the 1994 Winter Olympics, you saw Lapps in action.
Lapps are courteous and helpful, and "kylla' (yes) comes readily with outlanders.
It is hoped to upgrade the triangular park across the road, at the end of the South Mall, and develop a small urban park on the river side of Lapps Quay, facing the bank.
This is the country of the Sami, the Lapps, who still pursue their nomadic way of life across the borders of the Scandinavian countries and even into Russia.
There's a small quilt shop here, too; if your timing is right, sometimes you can find Grandma Lapp stitching away in the shop.
In fact, the Lapps believe the soul is a bird, and in many other traditions the Milky Way is said to be a road for the dead.