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 (nĭp′əl-wûrt′, -wôrt′)
An annual plant (Lapsana communis) in the composite family, native to Eurasia and naturalized in North America, having small yellow flower heads.

[From its former use in folk medicine to treat breast tumors.]


(Plants) an annual Eurasian plant, Lapsana communis, with pointed oval leaves and small yellow flower heads: family Asteraceae (composites)
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The gentle LAPSANA, NYMPHAEA fair, And bright CALENDULA with golden hair, Watch with nice eye the Earth's diurnal way, Marking her solar and sidereal day, Her slow nutation, and her varying clime, And trace with mimic art the march of Time; Round his light foot a magic chain they fling, And count the quick vibrations of his wing.
Otros generos responsables o sospechosos de causar alergias en alguna forma son Andryala, Arctotheca, Argyranthemum, Arnoseris, Bellis, Carlina, Cichorium, Cirsium, Cnidoscolus, Coleostephus, Crepis, Dendranthema, Dittrichia, Echinops, Galactites, Gerbera, Helenium, Hieracium, Inula, Iva, Lactuca, Lapsana, Phagnalon, Pulicaria, Sonchus, Tagetes, Tolpis, etc.
Entre las potenciales especies se pueden encontrar Myrrhoides nodosa, Alliaria petiolata, Chaerophyllum temulentum, Lapsana communis, y sobre todo la Urtica dioica, todas ellas presentes en situaciones umbrosas de suelos forestales.
Fallopia convolvolus, Solanum dulcamara, Lapsana communis, Chenopodium album, Thlaspi arvense, and Prunella vulgaris were found, although in quite low numbers, in eight samples collected at water depths less than 2 m and approximately 10 m from the lake shore.