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n. pl. lari
See Table at currency.

[Georgian, from Persian lārī, hairpin-shaped silver coin widely used along the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea, especially in the 16th and 17th centuries, from Lār, city in southern Iran where such coins were minted.]


(lɑːrɪ) or


1. (Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Georgia, divided into 100 tetri
2. (Currencies) an Asian fish-hook formerly used as a currency


(ˈlɑr i)

n., pl. -ri, -ris.
a monetary unit of the Maldives, equal to 1/100 of a rufiyaa.
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Noun1.lari - the basic unit of money in Georgia
Georgian monetary unit - monetary unit in Georgia
tetri - 100 tetri equal 1 lari in Georgia
2.Lari - gulls; terns; jaegers; skimmers
animal order - the order of animals
Charadriiformes, order Charadriiformes - large diverse order of aquatic birds found along seacoasts and inland waters: shorebirds and coastal diving birds; most feed on anima life
family Laridae, Laridae - gull family: gulls and terns
family Rynchopidae, Rynchopidae - coextensive with the genus Rynchops: skimmers
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