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 (lä-ro͞os′), Pierre Athanase 1817-1875.
French lexicographer, grammarian, and encyclopedist who founded a publishing company (1852) and compiled the Grand dictionnaire universel du XIXe siècle (1866-1876).


(French larus)
(Biography) Pierre Athanase (pjɛr atanɑz). 1817–75, French grammarian, lexicographer, and encyclopedist. He edited and helped to compile the Grand Dictionnaire universel du XIX siècle (1866–76)


(ləˈrus, lɑ-)

Pierre Athanase, 1817–75, French grammarian, lexicographer, and encyclopedist.
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Noun1.Larousse - French lexicographer (1817-1875)
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Selon le dictionnaire Larousse, l'expression [beaucoup moins que] en principe [beaucoup plus grand que], signifie [beaucoup moins que] En Theorie [beaucoup plus grand que] et donc quelque chose de pas definitif.
Maria, who wrote the foreword, says the book is a local Larousse Gastronomique, the French cuisine encyclopedia.
I also consult a beautiful edition of Larousse Gastronomique that I received for Christmas, which provides detailed information about ingredients and the history of food preparation.
Dans ce contexte, j'ai ete selectionne par le fameux historien Rene Huyghe dans Larousse [beaucoup moins que] Art dans le monde [beaucoup plus grand que] et j'ai remporte en 1965 le grand prix du Salon d'Hiver du Maroc a Marrakech cree par Majorelle, qui mettait en competition plus de 160 artistes marocains et etrangers, pour la plupart europeens.
This Saturday the Pharos Arts Foundation, in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in Cyprus, will be presenting a guitar recital by the French guitarist Florian Larousse -- First Prize winner of the 2014 Seville International Guitar Competition.
Mahoma muere, segun leo en mi Larousse, en el ano 632 d.
He's in the UK to promote his new book, The Larousse Book Of Bread (containing more than 80 mouth-watering recipes), and pass on some of his expert tips on creating the perfect brioche, baguette or bagel.
The medical dictionary- Larousse, defines amblyopia as the partial or relative loss of visual acuity (which allows the formation of clear, sharp, well focused images on the retina).
The ACO announced the award today, adding Kinoshita san to a list of endurance racing's elite which includes Dr Wolfgang Ullrich, Gerard Larousse and Henri Pescarolo.
Is Untitled Object 2, with its folding wooden chair, spray-paint can, and copies of Larousse Gastronomique and The Greatest Game Ever Played, more or less successful than Untitled Object 3, which juxtaposes a mug emblazoned with the word California with copies of Catch-22, the cookbook from Chicago restaurant Alinea, and the Los Angeles Times?
Inicio su carrera profesional en el ano 1963 en Paris, en la Librairie Larousse, y posteriormente ocupo diferentes responsabilidades dentro de la estructura y de las empresas del Grupo Planeta, en Espana y America Latina.
Apres des debuts difficiles, il integrera, en qualite de correcteur, les editions Larousse, Hachette puis des revues comme Viva avant d'atterrir, en 1997, chez Charlie Hebdo ou il s'est rapidement integre dans le groupe.