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As for you, Larry, you'll die poor; you spend too much in whipcord.
Well," said Larry, "what is a fellow to do if his horse won't go without it?
You will find it something of a job to get all the Fuddles together, so I advise you to begin on the Lord High Chigglewitz, whose first name is Larry.
So before an hour had passed old Larry was standing complete before them.
And then I knew nothing, though I learned afterward that Larry wound up under the bridge and spent the night there.
And Larry, under the bridge, had no delirium like mine.
Antonia often went to the dances with Larry Donovan, a passenger conductor who was a kind of professional ladies' man, as we said.
As a young admirer had once said of him: "If anybody can tell a fellow just when to wear a black tie with evening clothes and when not to, it's Larry Lefferts.
Allied with him, on a splendid salary, with princely pickings thrown in, was a lawyer, Larry Hegan, a young Irishman with a reputation to make, and whose peculiar genius had been unrecognized until Daylight picked up with him.
The munuster heard fine, an' dudna like ut, but, oz he told my Larry afterward, what could he do?
Wull ye be tellun' me," she said, "thot uf the second Samuel hod been named Larry thot he would no hov fell un the hot watter an' drownded?
One night there was given a ball, the "benefit" of "One-eyed Larry," a lame man who played the violin in one of the big "high-class" houses of prostitution on Clark Street, and was a wag and a popular character on the "Levee.