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tr.v. de·cou·pled, de·cou·pling, de·cou·ples
1. Electronics To reduce or eliminate the coupling of (one circuit or part to another).
2. Physics To decrease or eliminate airborne shock waves from (an explosion) by having it take place underground.
3. To separate or detach: "Bipeds have a potential advantage over quadrupeds in decoupling their breathing from their locomotion" (Craig Stanford).

de·cou′pler n.


1. (General Engineering) the separation of previously linked systems so that they may operate independently
2. (Electronics) electronics the reduction or avoidance of undesired distortion or oscillations in a circuit, caused by unwanted common coupling between two or more circuits
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Linder said that while conventional dark energy, like the cosmological constant, are diluted to one part in a billion of total energy density around the time of the CMB's last scattering, early dark energy theories can have 1-to-10 million times more energy density.
7] Radiation balances matter 10,000yrs 20,000 CMB last scattering 380, 000 yrs 3,000 Present 13.
Called the surface of last scattering, that sphere has a radius equal to the speed of light multiplied by the travel time since those photons' last interaction with matter.