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n. Greek Mythology
The first woman, bestowed upon humankind as a punishment for Prometheus's theft of fire. Entrusted with a box containing all the ills that could plague people, she opened it out of curiosity and thereby released all the evils of human life.

[Greek Pandōrā, having all gifts : pan-, pan- + dōron, gift; see dō- in Indo-European roots.]


(pænˈdɔːrə) or


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the first woman, made out of earth as the gods' revenge on man for obtaining fire from Prometheus. Given a box (Pandora's box) that she was forbidden to open, she disobeyed out of curiosity and released from it all the ills that beset man, leaving only hope within
[from Greek, literally: all-gifted]


1. (Animals) a handsome red sea bream, Pagellus erythrinus, of European coastal waters, caught for food in the Mediterranean
2. (Animals) a marine bivalve mollusc of the genus Pandora that lives on the surface of sandy shores and has thin equal valves
[after Pandora]


(pænˈdɔr ə, -ˈdoʊr ə)

also pan•dore

(pænˈdɔr, -ˈdoʊr, ˈpæn dɔr, -doʊr)

n., pl. -do•ras also -dores.


(pænˈdɔr ə, -ˈdoʊr ə)

(in Greek myth) the first woman, created by Hephaestus and endowed with every grace: out of curiosity, she opened a box and released all the evils that might plague humankind.
[< Latin < Greek Pandṓra=pan- pan- + dôr(on) gift]
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Noun1.pandora - (Greek mythology) the first womanPandora - (Greek mythology) the first woman; created by Hephaestus on orders from Zeus who presented her to Epimetheus along with a box filled with evils
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks


[pænˈdɔːrə] N Pandora's boxcaja f de Pandora


[pænˈdɔːrə] n
to open Pandora's box → ouvrir la boîte de Pandore
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