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Local villagers were left hugely surprised when Sneh Lata Rai, a resident of Manerr Tola in Patna district, rode a horse-driven chariot to lead a wedding procession to the house of the groom Anil Kumar Yadav.
In a detail interview with Family Magazine, Lata Mangeshkar recalled her first meeting with Madam Noor Jehan which took place in 1943 during the shooting of the film 'Badi Maa'.
Lata brings with him over 20 years of Border Patrol service which started in 1997 in El Centro California.
Author Vikram said: "I have carried with me for a long time the stories of Lata, her family and the many people they encounter .
Conclusion: Brow suspension with fascia lata sling is safe and effective technique for correction of ptosis with poor levator function.
We are not the ones who determine the borders, but rather the European and international factor", stated Lata for Dnevnik, reports INA.
Estuches para lapices: Los lapices, las tijeras y los boligrafos pueden organizarse de manera muy sencilla utilizando latas.
En este trabajo se busca analizar de manera cientifica, la posibilidad que puede tener la palma de lata como un material de uso para fines ingenieriles.
In it, former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is seen in conversation with musical icon Lata Mangeshkar, speaking about his batting being compared to Virat Kohli, hurling expletives, and comparing her to someone who has been kept under water for eight days.
Studies have shown that fascia lata shrinks less than temporalis fascia during the critical first 5 days of healing, owing to its more uniform mesh of elastic fibers.
Lata tried her best to prevail upon Rafi but in vain.
The E/4 Element Collection was designed by Lata and developed by Takasago.