a.1.Having a slender elongated form, like a lath; - said of the feldspar of certain igneous rocks, as diabase, as seen in microscopic sections.
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deep yellow to light brown in color (Figure 2B) Plant tissue All other herbaceous material including tubes and parenchyma (spherical to polygonal cells, Figure 2B) and other non-woody debris Wood Light to dark brown particles with sharp angular edges and/or discernible cellular structure; mainly lath-shaped (Figure 2A) Sporomorphs Land plant spores and pollen dispersed by water and wind into continental and marine environments (Figures 2A, 2F, 2I) Palynodebris Size ([micro]m) Amorphous organic matter Variable Marine palynomorphs 30-100 Black debris 20-[greater than]200 Yellow-brown debris 5-80 Black-brown debris Variable Cuticles 30-[greater than]150 Plant tissue Variable Wood 30-[greater than]200 Sporomorphs 10-80 Characteristics of palynofacies assemblages.
lath-shaped plagioclase crystals partially or completely included within pyroxene crystals), although the pyroxene has usually been altered to uralite.