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Noun1.Latrodectus - venomous spidersLatrodectus - venomous spiders      
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Theridiidae, Theridiidae - a family of comb-footed spiders
black widow, Latrodectus mactans - venomous New World spider; the female is black with an hourglass-shaped red mark on the underside of the abdomen
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WHAT is the more familiar name for the spider Latrodectus mactans?
Rempel (1954) described the deformity in two Latrodectus mactans (Fabr.
Acylated serine derivatives: a unique class of arthropod pheromones of the Australian Redback Spider, Latrodectus hasselti.
Produccion publica de antivenenos ofidicos y aracnidicos en la Region de las Americas Pais Establecimiento Productor Generos involucrados Argentina Instituto Nacional de Bothrops Produccion de Biologicos Administracion Nacional de Laboratorios e Institutos de Salud ANLIS "Dr Carlos MALBRAN" Crotalus Micrurus Loxosceles Latrodectus Tityus Instituto Biologico "Dr.
Occurring black widow spiders markings on or under in different areas Theridiidae the abdomen Latrodectus spp.
154-156) Commonly identified as black widow spider, Latrodectus tredecimguttatus is notorious for its venomous bite.
Latrodectus renivulvatus is known from sub-Saharan Africa as well as Saudi Arabia and Yemen (Knoflach & van Harten 2002), a distribution based on which, from our experience to date, it is not surprising to find it in the UAE.
En el exterior de las casas, las especies mas abundantes fueron Latrodectus geometricus y L.
caught in the web of Latrodectus geometricus Koch, 1841 on a small bush approximately 30 cm above the ground (Figure 1).
Vazquez's clothing line, Latrodectus was introduced in NYC at Fashion Week last Fall.