Lattice girder

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a girder consisting of longitudinal bars united by diagonal crossing bars.
(Arch.) a girder of which the wed consists of diagonal pieces crossing each other in the manner of latticework.

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Fifteen groups of piles support a continuous lattice girder, each set comprising four piles screwed into the river bed at an angle, with an X-brace between each adjacent pair.
The seemingly flimsy lattice girder structure, supported by a series of trestles, resembled a modern Airfix construction kit.
Dingle was the only underground station, the extension from Herculaneum Dock being achieved with a 200ft lattice girder bridge and a half-mile tunnel through the sandstone cliff to Park Road.
The expansion will increase the capacity for manufacturing shell walls and lattice girder floors.
Dingle (Park Road)was reached by spanning the Cheshire Lines goods yard with a 200-foot lattice girder bridge and by boring a half-mile tunnel through the sandstone high ground further inland.
1750 m 2 for facade quarter circle, - spacers, Consoles, Frames, Roof scaffold, Lattice girder, Superstructure.
200 m 2 , scaffolding brackets 30 cm 927 m, scaffolding brackets 90 cm 41 m, bridging with lattice girder, mounting brackets, scaffolding under supervision bridge 400 m 2 , 2x mobile scaffolding up to h = 5 m, pedestrian tunnel about 26 m, indoor railing for w07, 2x scaffolding tower, h = 16 m with.
Bridging system lattice girder B up to 5m H up to 4m
000,00m 2 faade scaffold load class 4 / w09 / h2, Scaffolding will be built in sections on existing building and new building - scaffolding with lattice girder for bridging building entrances, Protective roofs, Internal side protection, Covering widenings, Stairwells, Roof protection and area-wise cladding with scaffolding tarpaulins and scaffolding nets - 2 pieces material lifts load capacity 1 000,00 kg / delivery height 22,0m - 2 pieces material lifts load capacity 2 750,00 kg / delivery height 22,0m - use in different sections for up to 93 weeks execution periods: Start: 03/2018 - end: 07/2020.
25 m, 1 135 m extension to the roof scaffolding, 220 m construction bridging system lattice girder bb8.
System lattice girder bridges up to 7 m, building characteristics: 3-storey with partial basement and connection to existing buildings (underground, ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor as a staggered storey).
Wall surface first coating 1 410 m 2 ; Wall surface overflow coating 990 m 2 ; Ceiling surface first coating 1 096 m 2 ; Ceiling over-cover 170 m 2 ; Sheds lattice girder coating 1 790 m 2 ; Hand painted finish 250 m.