n.1.A laver.
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Court is of the considered view that the gravity of the allegations levelled against petitioners has a fraudulent f lavour involving a national political party and so, serious imputations smacking of criminality levelled against petitioners need to be properly looked into.
Tenders are invited for Spares Of High Pressure Hot Water Jet Machine Model Lavour Lkx 2015Xp Piston Gasket Xzw-K 4022850190652.
Add flavour, lavour, texture, colour and yummy-ness without counting calories.
The Last Inn gives a f lavour of what life was like in the Barmouth of yesteryear Pictures: ROBERT PARRY JONES
The Hyderabad biryani seller used the local dum-style of cooking, in which the natural moisture of ingredients is exploited to the max to provide an intense f lavour.
2g, calorie s: 395 T hese sausages have an ex tra edge over the others as they're pork and leek, which adds lots of f lavour.
Blue seems to be the f lavour of the season as B Town babes f launt diffferent shades of the colour
Former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy brings a Lavour of the Orient to Birmingham in Gilbert & Sullivan's opera Mikado, at Birmingham's Alexandra Theatre.
It's not too chewy or fatty and is full of f lavour.
A Christmas f lavour trading stall is to be staged at next month's meeting.
18 lavour for laying in position 150 mm dia ACP pipe class 25 and etc work site-ward no.
Chef Mehmet Gurs enjoys celebrity status in the country thanks to his efforts at reviving forgotten food traditions of Anatolia and his food is a study in subtle lavours.