conservation law

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conservation law

Any of various principles, such as the conservation of charge and the conservation of energy, directly related to principles of symmetry and requiring some measurable property of a closed system to remain constant as the system changes.

conserva′tion law`

any physical law stating that a quantity or property remains constant during and after an interaction or process.
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The law of continuity, or the continuity equation, to which it is sometimes referred, is founded on the law of conservation of matter.
However, Ruben Meerman, co-author of the study, refutes this and says that this perception violates the Law of Conservation of Mass.
However, many scientists have dismissed such claims, saying the propulsion system violates the law of conservation of momentum.
Now, using the Euler-Lagrange equations and considering the fact that in a gravitational field is a conservative field, it can be shown that the law of conservation of energy in this field is given as
The extraction of more energy than it takes to magnetize a permanent magnet could be considered a violation of the Law of Conservation of Energy -- one of the pillars of physics.
It urged the Parliament to quickly issue the law of conservation of historical cities and monuments, directing the Minister of State for Parliament and Shura Council Affaires to finalize the necessary procedures to issue the law.
As Devin Powell reports in this issue (Page 9), such superluminal speeds not only defy Einstein's special relativity, but they also contradict the law of conservation of energy.
The equation that results from applying the law of conservation of mass is the continuity equation.
This article is a short report on over 23 years of meticulous research and data analysis that finally led to the discovery of the next law of conservation.
The law of conservation of energy ensures that when the two balls collide, the cue ball will transfer some of its kinetic energy (energy of motion) to the colored one.

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