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One that edges, such as a tool for trimming the edge of a lawn.


(ˈɛdʒ ər)

1. a person or thing that edges.
2. a gardening tool for cutting a border around a lawn or flower bed.
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Noun1.edger - a person who puts finishing edges on a garment
needleworker - someone who does work (as sewing or embroidery) with a needle
2.edger - garden tool for cutting grass around the edges of a yard
garden tool, lawn tool - used for working in gardens or yards
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Where borders butt up to the grass, get to work with a lawn edger to leave a crisp finish.
You've probably finished with mowing the lawn but you can give your garden a neater appearance for the winter by cutting the edges with a lawn edger to provide a crisp finish.
YOU may be done with mowing the grass, but use a lawn edger to provide a crisp finish for your plot.
While the Buetow family never was an early adopter for, well, anything (my dad, now 82, has used the same manual rotary lawn edger my entire life), it wasn't like AT&T was rushing to widely update the marketplace; the concept for push button phones dates to at least 1887.
Cut around the hosepipe with a spade or lawn edger and remove the excess turf - make sure you save some for repairs or to extend elsewhere.
Long story short, as they say, she grabbed our lawn edger with its long handle, reached the top of the first nest and knocked it spinning to the ground, all in one lightning motion, then skittered away to the front door before the wasps could retaliate.