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A city of southwest Oklahoma southwest of Oklahoma City. It was settled by lottery in 1901.


(ˈlɔt n)

a city in SW Oklahoma. 83,650.
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Noun1.Lawton - a town in southwest Oklahoma
OK, Oklahoma, Sooner State - a state in south central United States
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LAWTON The Cameron University Foundation has established the Albert Johnson Sr.
A meeting of Middlesbrough Council's standards sub-committee was convened on Friday, February 16, to hear two complaints against Cllr Terry Lawton.
Coun Terry Lawton was set to face a Middlesbrough Council standards panel - but why remains unclear.
Notes: a pre-bid conference will be held october 20, 2017 10:00 am at 2100 sw 6th street, lawton, oklahoma.
Lawton Yarns was formed in 1902 by Fred Lawton at Lockwood Mills and was later based at Firth Street Mills for many years.
According to the Taguig City Fire Station, the blaze hit the establishment along Lawton Avenue at around 10:44 a.
Hal Lawton, a former eBay and Home Depot executive, took the reins of the department store chain Sept.
Yesterday, Yvonne Lawton, a close friend of Mr Hillman, gave evidence describing how Mr Hillman had "confided in her" that he had been having trouble with rival dealers.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 16, 2016-CoLucid Pharmaceuticals appoints Alison Lawton to board
Johnson, who operated a plastics manufacturing company, and members of Lawton's leadership also discussed government regulations and how some of them can make things difficult for firms like Lawton.
Judy Lawton has worked as a chief financial officer for most of her 34-year career in banking.
After being hired to get the group in shape, married ex-marine Shane Lawton told one victim to take off her bra so he could measure her.