Le Corbusier

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Le Cor·bu·sier

 (lə kôr-bo͞o-zyā′, -bü-) Pseudonym of Charles Édouard Jeanneret. 1887-1965.
Swiss-born French architect and writer. The most powerful advocate of the modernist school, he designed numerous functional concrete buildings and high-rise residential complexes.

Le Corbusier

(French lə kɔrbyzje)
(Biography) real name Charles Édouard Jeanneret. 1887–1965, French architect and town planner, born in Switzerland. He is noted for his use of reinforced concrete and for his modular system, which used units of a standard size. His works include Unité d'Habitation at Marseilles (1946–52) and the city of Chandigarh, India (1954)

Le Cor•bu•sier

(lə ˌkɔr büˈzyeɪ)
(Charles Édouard Jeanneret), 1887–1965, Swiss architect in France.
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Noun1.Le Corbusier - French architect (born in Switzerland) (1887-1965)
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Contract notice: market for new construction of 15 multi-family dwellings and residentialization of the le corbusier mail site, rue pierre lescot in lognes 77185
A seminal work of architectural photography and an enduring celebration of a master architect, "Le Corbusier: The Complete Buildings" is unreservedly recommended for personal, professional, community, and academic library Architectural History collections in general, and Le Corbusier supplemental studies lists in particular.
Le Corbusier visito por primera vez el lugar el 20 de mayo de 1950.
The proposal of the museum to ICOMOS was made both by the Japanese government and the Paris-based Fondation Le Corbusier, whose aim is to preserve the renowned Swiss-French architect's legacy.
The new sites added to the list designated by the World Heritage Committee of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) include the transnational serial site of the Architectural Work of Le Corbusier, an Outstanding Contribution to the Modern Movement, along with the Antigua Naval Dockyard and Related Archaeological Sites in Antigua and Barbuda, the Pampulha Modern Ensemble in Brazil, and the Khangchendzonga National Park in India.
L'œuvre de l'architecte franco-suisse Le Corbusier (1887-1965) a ete inscrite, hier, au Patrimoine mondial de l'Humanite par l'Unesco, reunie en session annuelle a Istanbul, a annonce l'Organisation des Nations unies.
Voyage Le Corbusier: Drawing on the Road belongs in any collection serious about architecture and gathers sketchbook drawings and watercolors from Charles-Edouard Jeannert, a student whose works gave him the name of Le Corbusier.
This text traces the early travels (1907-1911) of influential architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, otherwise known as Le Corbusier.
Le Corbusier is a name that holds almost as commanding a presence as the buildings the man designed.
Conozco solo dos casas de Le Corbusier, la casa La Roche (1923-1925) y la Villa Savoye (1928-1931), y, al mismo tiempo que sus espacios me resultan atrayentes, no me sorprende que quienes fueron sus duenos las encontraran dificiles de habitar.
Legendary architect Le Corbusier has been branded an "outright fascist" in a controversial book published in his native France