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Noun1.Le Gallienne - United States actress (born in England) (1899-1991)
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Geoffrey Smerdon, I wrote Le Gallienne's biography, The Quest of the Golden Boy: The Life and Letters of Richard Le Gallienne (1960).
He also acted in amateur theater and was encouraged to become a professional by actress-teacher Eva Le Gallienne.
and for the "Doctor Read [sic] [who] sent the 'London Magazine,' with compliments and thanks" according to Sarah Walker's letter to Hazlitt of 17 January 1822, see Liber Amoris or the New Pygmalion by William Hazlitt, with an Introduction by Richard Le Gallienne [Privately Printed, 1894], 209.
Mullany, Frank Britton, Ronald White, Katie Liddle and Rene Morrisey, and by organisations: the Country Women's Association and the Trustees of the Dorian Le Gallienne Award.
45-63) Stetz deftly assesses John Lane's rapid attempt to divorce his firm's business and name from Wilde (so Beardsley had to go), though several others associated with Lane's firm, notably Ella D'Arcy, Richard Le Gallienne, and George Egerton, did not waver in their support.
Baldry (artist and critic), Wilfrid Ball (artist), Robert Anning Bell (artist), Onslow Ford (sculptor), Alfred East (artist), John Lane (publisher), Richard le Gallienne (poet and essayist), Liberty, E.
She was lovers with Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Isadora Duncan, Eva Le Gallienne, and an assortment of lesser-known actresses, but she has remained a footnote in history because she didn't have any lasting talent of her own.
The City in Moonlight by Richard Le Gallienne (Dear city in the moonlight dreaming,How changed and lovely is your face); Cunarders by Geoffrey Holloway (I'dhear them in the night,baying like stags over the sleeping forest of small boys that was Liverpool); Mrs Albion You'veGot A Lovely Daughter by Allen Ginsberg (Albion's Most lovely daughter sat on the banks of the Mersey dangling her landing- stage in the water); Opening of the Catholic Cathedral by Roger McGough (O Lord on thy new Liverpool address let no bombs fall, Gather not relics in the attic nor dust in the hall).
The goings-on of the Company taught Mooney to value art and learning above sensationalist gossip about private life, and in her memoirs, she attributed her growth as an actress to working with Le Gallienne, whose reputation she recognized was unjustly smeared by homophobic snide reactions of the day.
With the credo "I can get any woman from any man," the sexually audacious De Acosta seduced not only the great Garbo but other prominent women of her day, including Sarah Bernhardt, Isadora Duncan, and Eva Le Gallienne.
and the Le Gallienne anthology [an earlier gift from Liveright] give me a good start on the library I hope to own some day.
It's a role sometimes called the female Hamlet, a theatrical Anapurna that perhaps only Eva Le Gallienne, Maggie Smith and a few others have successfully scaled.