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Noun1.Huddie Leadbetter - United States folk singer and composer (1885-1949)
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Victor Records signed and recorded legendary artists including Rachmaninov, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Lead Belly, and Woody Guthrie all within its original headquarters in the City of Camden.
The combination of old songs - Pony Blues (Charley Patton), the traditional Gallows Pole (popularised by Lead Belly then later by Led Zeppelin)and Hillbilly Willie's Blues (Blind Willie McTell) - and new Hart compositions proved that a genuine talent was breathing new life into the blues/roots scene.
The celebrated folk singer Lead Belly was plagued by career and financial troubles, and he had tendencies toward violence and self-sabotage.
Although Lead Belly usually played the twelve-string guitar, he could also play the piano, mandolin, harmonica, violin, and Cajun accordion ("windjammer").
He recorded Lead Belly, Muddy Waters, Jelly Roll Morton and Woody Guthrie's songs about how the rural folk survived the Depression.
The reason I wanted to sing with a big voice was because of people like Tom Waits, Dylan and Lead Belly.
The GreenRoom show will see Novana perform the entire album with a set list composed of iconic hits, lesser-known material and cover versions of songs by The Vaselines, David Bowie, Meat Puppets, and Lead Belly.
The exhibition will feature items from the personal collections of stars including the Beach Boys, The Hollies, Donovan, and Lead Belly - who influenced Lonnie Donegan and John Lennon, as well as photographs of the Rolling Stones' first US tour which have never been seen by the public before.
Harris sang the track - Goodnight Irene, first recorded by legendary US bluesman Lead Belly in 1933 - in February last year during his encore for an adoring crowd at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank in London.
That was back in the early '50s with Goodnight Irene, composed by Lead Belly and sung by The Weavers, the folk group Pete formed.
I discovered Lead Belly and Muddy Waters," he said to me out of the blue.
To watch the two perform songs by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Lead Belly, Laurika Rauch, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, Sting and even Britney Spears music lovers should find themselves at the Warehouse Theatre on Saturday 20 April.