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(Biography) real name Huddie Ledbetter. 1888–1949, US blues singer and guitarist


(ˈlɛd bɛt ər)

Huddie ( “Leadbelly” ), 1885?–1949, U.S. folk singer.
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Noun1.Leadbelly - United States folk singer and composer (1885-1949)
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That led to his first published book, co-authored with folksinger Pete Seeger in 1965: The Twelve-String Guitar as Played by Leadbelly.
ARoll With The Punches, Van's 37th studio album, sees the Belfast native reconnecting with the music he grew up with, Leadbelly, Lightnin' Hopkins, Little Walter and Bo Diddley.
She is the inheritor of Leadbelly, Nina Simone, Bonnie Raitt and Roberta Flack.
The rapt audience rolled with the change of pace, from the Leadbelly classic In The Pines, through the hypnotic rhythm of Ride Bo Diddley and then into Randy Newman's Mama Told Me Not To Come, followed by a heartfelt tribute to David Bowie with Space Oddity (which segued into his Vietnam-era anti-war song, Sky Pilot).
Bob Dylan Leadbelly Ladies Day at Newcastle Racecourse The Hoppings 10.
The Fat Radish, and its sister restaurant directly across the street, the Leadbelly, have been staples in the neighborhood, and it is clear that other retailers are following the restaurant group's pioneering vision for the area.
Jeremiah Craig was raised in the old folk styles of Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie and prides himself on writing contemporary folk ballads for the present day.
Artists featured on this musical marathon include Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Leadbelly, Bessie Smith, Mississippi John Hurt, Lonnie Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Sonny Terry, Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Willie McTell and Big Joe Williams.
With a washboard, a tea-chest bass and a cheap Spanish guitar, Donegan had made his name entertaining audiences with folk songs and blues by artists such as Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie, casually giving the impression that anyone could do it.
He grew up listening to Bob Dylan and has gone on record citing mid 20th century artists such as Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly as his musical influences.
Bristol Rovers and the musician known as Leadbelly were both born in the 1880s, but - for a while, at least - they both had different names.
But no good for the kind of hard-edged blues played by r&b legend Leadbelly - who wrote many of his songs in prison.