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n.1.Coagulated sour milk diluted with water; - a common beverage among the Arabs. Also, a fermented liquor made of the same.
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Fuaad Musa, 20, and Leban Osman, 19, were accused of being the getaway driver and the lookout respectively in the armed robbery of Arora Cash Stores, in Atlas Road, Canton, on May 12 last year.
Es importante senalar que en los ultimos anos se implementaron varias plataformas de exploracion interactiva de datos para facilitar el trabajo con grandes volumenes de noticias (Devezas, Nunes, & Rodriguez, 2015; Leban, Fortuna, Brank, & Grobelnik, 2014).
z and discussed with her the latest developments in Leban and the region.
Leban Campbell, 18, of Cedar Grove, Toxteth in Liverpool, received 20 months for the Mold conspiracy - but 20 months consecutive for supplying drugs in Liverpool while on bail.
They do not include northern blocks running along the Leban ese-Israeli borders.
Image Credit: Jusoor Courtesy: Jusoor SchoolKeeping fitA physical education class is underway in a Jusoor school in Beirut, Leban Image Credit: Jusoor Photo creditPhoto Caption leadOlga Zolotova is training for her charity challenge by running at least four Image Credit: Supplied Courtesy: Olga ZolotovaStep by stepOlga Zolotova is training for her charity.
I stomped back to the RV and the well house complaining about the ants, and my brilliant leban gotte (that's German for live-in man) said to try the massage oil.
The irregularity of monetary incentives and the high probability that payments will end abruptly when project funding runs out (Bhattacharyya, Winch, LeBan & Tien, 2001) stimulate short-sighted and opportunistic behavior among ICT4D project participants.
Courtland Austin, 18, Leban Campbell, 16, Reece Cluskey, 17, Paul Ishola, 15, Mzee Mohammed, 15, Rhys Nze, 15, Kane Omar, 18, Otys Parris, 17, Nathan Rawlins, 19, and 17-year-old Ethan Sheen were given two-year Asbos.
TANJUNG LEBAN, Indonesia - On a day last week, the domestic lounge of Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport in Indonesia's Sumatra Island was packed with passengers, with some waiting as long as 12 hours before being called to board their flights.
However, based on the advice of a local lighting designer, Donna Leban, the customer actually installed a mix of two-, three- and four-lamp T5HO fixtures, almost all with occupancy controls, delivering a much more impressive energy savings total of 72 percent.