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n.1.Same as lectern.
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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of ahuja lecturn system and micromax mfds _47
Joanna Andrew, our popular MC, kept the evening moving along at a sparkling pace, as she welcomed presenters to the lecturn including 7 newcomers as well as established and newly established names.
The bronze eagle lecturn was swiped during a break-in at All Saints Church, Gravelly Hill, Erdington.
Stiff drinks had already been ordered from the bar before what became an inevitable result filtered through from Mr Blatter's lecturn.
How different to when it was the place to be seen; when a lady behind a lecturn greeted customers and shoppers in gloves took tea in the 5th floor restaurant.
Schapiro had just finished his lecture on Phase I of modernism in painting, and I went up to the lecturn and waited to speak.
Following a short introduction, Leiken stepped away from the lecturn to allow the showing of slides depicting various developments and events that defined Springfield in 2007.
Although this results in the splendid photographs being reproduced at a grand scale, it does mean that the reader needs a lecturn.
In a gesture illustrative of the humility of the monk, the Dalai Lama refused the couch seat that had been set out for him, opting instead to stand at the lecturn with the other speaers.
Tenders are invited for Electronic Lecturn Electronic Podium ,Details In Annexure-A
He turned back to the lecturn and quipped: "She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child.