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 (lĕd′ər-bûrg′, lā′dər-), Joshua 1925-2008.
American geneticist. He shared a 1958 Nobel Prize for work on bacterial genetics, especially the processes of conjugation and transduction.


(Biography) Joshua. 1925–2008, US geneticist, who discovered the phenomenon of transduction in bacteria. Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1958 with George Beadle and Edward Tatum


(ˈlɛd ərˌbɜrg)

Joshua, born 1925, U.S. geneticist: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1958.
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Se aplico la ECVF desarrollada originalmente por el Beach Center de la Universidad de Kansas en Estados Unidos en el 2003 (Farran, Lederberg, & Jackson, 2009), dirigida a evaluar la CVF en familias con hijos e hijas con discapacidad.
Those influential reports--which represent the insights of Joshua Lederberg, Robert Shope, and their colleagues--from the Institute of Medicine (now National Academy of Medicine) Committee on Emerging Microbial Threats offered far-reaching recommendations and galvanized support for research and public health action to address the challenges posed by new, emerging, and reemerging infectious diseases.
A long duration of hearing loss negatively affects the cognitive and phonological skills that underpin language comprehension (Classon, Rudner, & Ronnberg, 2013; Kral & Eggermont, 2007; Lederberg, Schick, & Spencer, 2013; Lyxell et al.
Hace unos veinte anos, cuando trabajaba en la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud en Ginebra, le oi mencionar al Premio Nobel de Medicina Joshua Lederberg que "la guerra entre los seres humanos y los microbios continua dia a dia y no esta claro quien sera el ganador".
Watson, and Joshua Lederberg argued publicly (and others privately) "against the forming of any official guidelines that spelled out how we should work with recombinant DNA.
The concept of microbiome was first suggested in 2001 by Lederberg and McCray and was described as an ecological cohort of commensal, symbiotic, and pathogenic microorganisms sharing a body space.
Microbial evolution and co-adaptation: A tribute to the life and scientific legacies of Joshua Lederberg.
In closing, Nobel Laureate Joshua Lederberg once stated that, "The biggest single threat to man's continued dominance on this planet is the virus.
DENDRAL is one of the early examples of a successful AI program, developed beginning in 1965 by the AI researcher Edward Feigenbaum and the geneticist Joshua Lederberg, both of Stanford University in California aiming at examining the organic compounds to determine their structure.
Joshua Lederberg, the Nobel Prize Laureate once observed that the failure of regulatory, legal and political institutions to integrate scientific advances into risk selection and assessment was the most important barrier to improved public health.
Quittner, Barker, Cruz, Snell, Grimley, Botteri, and the CDaCI Investigative Team (2010) concluded the studies of Crnic and Low (2002), Hintermair (2006), and Lederberg and Everhart (2000) proved that increased parental stress lead to poorer social and emotional development and higher levels of behavior problems in deaf and hard of hearing children.
Miller earned a doctorate from Stanford, working under the 1958 Nobel-winning geneticist and microbiologist Joshua Lederberg.