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le′gal ea′gle

Informal. a lawyer.
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On the night I visited John's Fish Bar - a kind of halfway house between student halls of residence and the legal eagles of the law court district - it was busy with non-English customers.
Legal eagles Harvey and Mike go to war with each other in the fourth run of this classy drama.
A SEMINAR has been held in Coventry to help legal eagles keep their eye on how marketing strategies could benefit their business.
LEGAL eagles pledged their support to charity with a special store event.
More than 260 Birmingham lawyers battled it out at the second annual Legal Eagles Quiz.
Thursday 8: Tees Valley Business Club: Legal Eagles Event, between 6pm and 8.
In his new book Legal Eagles, former attorney and law firm consultant Simon Tupman profiles 16 visionary lawyers from around the globe.
Limiting foreigners to five a team is not a bad idea as such but it will never pass the legal eagles.
LEGAL eagles keen to get started on a law career should get themselves down to Central College Glasgow.
Gardai and the Law Society have been speaking to other legal eagles who have had transactions with the solicitor.
Caption: CLEARWATER BAR YOUNG LAWYERS are surrounded by enough backpacks filled with school supplies to present to 180 children at their annual Legal Eagles Homework Help Kick Off at the North Greenwood Library in Clearwater.
I am, however, concerned that no action appears to have been taken against the legal eagles upon whose advice Mr Davies so heavily relied during his deliberations.