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 (glô′sā-tər, glŏs′ā-)
One who provides explanatory glosses, especially a scholar or scribe who writes notes in the margins of or between the lines of a text.

[Medieval Latin glōssātor, from glōssāre, to gloss, from Latin glōssa, foreign word requiring explanation; see gloss2.]


1. (Journalism & Publishing) Also called: glossarist, glossist or glossographer a writer of glosses and commentaries, esp (in the Middle Ages) an interpreter of Roman and Canon Law
2. (Library Science & Bibliography) a compiler of a glossary


(glɒˈseɪ tər, glɔ-)

a writer of glosses.
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39, Suetonius, Horace, and a wide range of legal glossators and commentators.
Lawn deals briefly with the beginnings of the quaestio form among the legal glossators and commentators at Bologna, and traces its development quickly through the theologians and early sophisma writers.