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a. & adv.1.(Mus.) Light or graceful; in a light, delicate, and brisk style.
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Rowe PC, McLean RH, Wood RA, Leggiadro RJ, Winkelstein JA.
Jonathan Davis (aged 4) enjoys his independence in a new Bambach saddle seat paid for by Luminar Leisure, watched by (left to right) Nathalie Leggiadro, promotions and entertainments manager for Oceana; Ellie Smith, trust officer for the Foundation for Conductive Education, and Leonie Martin, regional sales manager for Oceana and the Jam House
Robert Leggiadro, a specialist in infectious diseases, with viral meningitis.
The authors thank Steve McKenna and Scott MacQuarrie of the National Research Council, Institute for Marine Biosciences for helping rear the animals at MRS; Cindy Leggiadro of the Microscopy Facility for her expertise; Anne Veniot, University of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, for assistance in training and C.
ne Dio, suo grazia, mi si mostra altrove piu che 'n alcun leggiadro e mortal velo; e quel sol amo perch'in lui si specchia.
Leggiadro, a luxury retailer that sells its own line of exclusive womenswear, will soon open a new 2,500 s/ f shop on the "Miracle Mile," in the prestigious Americana Manhasset shopping center.
An adoring Cardinal Benedetto Pamphili wrote the text, which compares the composer to Orpheus and is sufficiently ambiguous (together with Panaphili's text for II trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno of the same year, which includes a reference to Handel as "un leggiadro giovinetto") to suggest the homoerotic undertones for which the Orpheus legend was a frequent marker (on account of his forswearing the love of women for that of boys in Ovid's version).
Leggiadro RJ, Barrett FF, Chesney PJ, et al: Invasive pneumococci with high-level penicillin and cephalosporin resistance at a mid-South children's hospital.
Women no longer understand a witty remark [alcun leggiadro [motto]] or if they do, they are unable to respond.
The Streets of Buckhead is the location we have been looking for in Atlanta over the past 5 years," said Brooks Ross, president of Leggiadro.
Carter RJ, Sorenson G, Heffernan R, Kiehlbauch JA, Kornblum JS, Leggiadro RJ, et al.
LEGGIADRO INTERNATIONAL With an under-the-radar fan base of socialites from Sarasota to Dubai, designer Ann Ross has perfected the art of blending coastal style, preppy pastels and Hollywood glam.