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n.1.(Geom.) A curve in the form of the figure 8, with both parts symmetrical, generated by the point in which a tangent to an equilateral hyperbola meets the perpendicular on it drawn from the center.
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Therefore, the core interval above the range of the index species up to the FAD of Ancyrochitina lemniscata Wrona is also provisionally included in the A.
lemniscata Biozone correlates probably with the uppermost Silurian graptolite biozone - the M.
80 m in the middle of the Targale Formation, lacking the biozonal species, but below the first appearance of Ancyrochitina lemniscata is also provisionally included into the biozone.
The Ancyrochitina lemniscata Biozone is erected above the Anthochitina superba Biozone in the East Baltic uppermost Silurian.