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n. pl. Lenape or Len·a·pes
See Delaware1.


(ˈdɛl əˌwɛər)

n., pl. -wares, (esp. collectively) -ware for 5.
1. a state in the E United States, on the Atlantic coast. 783,600; 2057 sq. mi. (5330 sq. km). Cap.: Dover. Abbr.: DE, Del.
2. a river flowing S from SE New York, along the boundary between Pennsylvania and New Jersey into Delaware Bay. 296 mi. (475 km) long.
3. a member of any of a group of American Indian peoples formerly of the drainage basin of the Delaware River, the lower Hudson River, and the intervening area.
4. the Eastern Algonquian language of any of the Delaware peoples.
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These two great divisions consisted, on the one side, of the Five, or, as they were afterward called, the Six Nations, and their allies; and, on the other, of the Lenni Lenape, or Delawares, with the numerous and powerful tribes that owned that nation as their grandfather The former was generally called, by the Anglo-Americans Iroquois, or the Six Nations, and sometimes Mingoes.
Of the Lenni Lenape, or as they were called by the whites, from the circumstances of their holding their great council-fire on the banks of that river, the Delaware nation, the principal tribes, besides that which bore the generic name, were the Mahicanni, Mohicans, or Mohegans, and the Nanticokes, or Nentigoes.
When the Lenni Lenape formally asserted their independence, and fearlessly declared that they were again men.
And just as the island's first colonists started small with their land purchase from the native Lenape Americans, the 60 Guilders real estate investment firm has been quietly building a solid Manhattan portfolio since its founding in 2013.
This form was used by the Creek, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Seminole, Shawnee, and Lenape.
On a breezy Sunday afternoon in late May in Foundry Dock Park on the Hudson River in Cold Spring, New York, Anthony Jay Van Dunk, a former chief of The Ramapough Lenape Nation, slowly walked clockwise, gingerly waving a burning sage stick.
He reputedly traded 60 guilders' (17th century gold coins) worth of beads, cloth and ornaments to the Lenape Indians for what he believed to be the rights to the ownership of the island.
Low brings her eye to bear on the less understood experience of her Lenape family.
The Turtle's Beating Heart: One Family's Story of Lenape Survival opens with a tribal elder's explanation: "Delawares are like clouds .
The route is a straight line from the Gazebo at Echo Lake to the bridge in Lenape Park and the East Coast Greenway in Kenilworth, and back, for a total distance of up to four miles.
Named "Aquahung" or the "River of High Bluffs" by the Lenape people, this pristine 23-mile river once teemed with wildlife like beaver and fish.