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a.1.Longer; longest; - obsolete compar. and superl. of long.
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They had me yeven hir lond and hir tressor Me neded nat do lenger diligence To winne hir love, or doon hem reverence.
lenger events that Delhi hosted in 2008, via wild cards, but then he was just a 16- year- old.
Keith Lenger, the Director of Solution Strategy for VisionQuest, is eager to have Mr.
Based on the regressions of production functions, Lenger and Taymaz (2006), and Koymen and Sayek (2009) investigated the existence of innovation and technology spillovers between domestic and foreign manufacturing firms, and find that foreign firms have different characteristics than their domestic counterparts in terms of innovativeness and ability to transfer technology from abroad.
Endelig kan jeg nEN si at vi ikke trenger fossilt drevne bilder lenger.
They are grieved by the unexpected, untimely and the sudden death of Kuol Deng Kuol, the paramount chief of the area, who, on Saturday 4th, was gunned down in a terrorist style act, when he fell into an ambush strategically planned by the members of the Arabs nomads of Misseriya in the Lenger area, north of Abyei.
And forasmuch as the protector gaue the bore for his cognisaunce, this dreme made so fereful an impression in his hart, that he was throughly determined no lenger to tary, but had his horse redy, if the lord Hastinges wold go with him to ride so far yet the same night, that thei shold be out of danger ere dai" (More 1963, 50).
And forth he gooth, no lenger wolde he tarie, Into the toun, unto a pothecarie, And preyde hym that he hym wolde selle Som poyson, that he myghte his rattes quelle.
The allusion to Alcema imagines total male control over the duration of pleasure: as Spenser tells us in The Faerie Queene, "Three nights in one, they say, that for her sake / [Jove] then did put, her pleasures lenger to partake" (3.
426] : "I cumber you goode Margaret muche, but I woulde be sorye, if it shoulde be any lenger than to morrowe, for it is S.
Rae will come back to earth with a bump on Saturday coming off the official team flight - and straight to Scotstoun to play in a 2 5K Cha l lenger Tou r event.