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n. pl. le·nos
1. Weaving in which the warp yarns are paired and twisted.
2. A fabric having such a weave.

[Perhaps from French linon, linen fabric, from lin, flax, from Old French, from Latin līnum; see linen.]


n, pl -nos
1. (Textiles) (in textiles) a weave in which the warp yarns are twisted together in pairs between the weft or filling yarns
2. (Textiles) a fabric of this weave
[C19: probably from French linon lawn, from lin flax, from Latin līnum. See linen]


(Biography) Dan, original name George Galvin. 1860–1904, British music-hall entertainer, noted esp for his pantomime performances: he died insane


(ˈli noʊ)

n., pl. -nos,
adj. n.
1. Also called le′no weave`. a weave structure in which paired warp yarns are intertwined, producing a firm, open mesh.
2. any fabric in this weave.
3. made in leno weave.
[1850–55; perhaps < French linon lawn « Latin līnum flax]
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