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See Gyumri.


(Russian lɪninaˈkan)
(Placename) the former name (1925–91) of Kumayri


(ˈlɛn ɪ nəˌkɑn)

former name of Gumri.
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92) A 1948 report claimed that in Erevan, Leninakan (Gyumri), Stepanavan, Etchmiadzin, Hoketember, Artik, Allaverdi, and Beria 4,572 families had started to build their own homes, but only 729 families had completed and lived in them (ibid.
Prueba de ello han sido los casos de Caracas, Venezuela, durante el terremoto de 1967; Mexico, durante el terremoto de 1985; Leninakan, durante el terremoto de Armenia en 1988; San Francisco, durante el terremoto de Loma Prieta en 1989; y mas recientemente en Japon, durante el terremoto de Kobe en 1995 y Cariaco, Venezuela, durante el terremoto de Cariaco en 1997 [3, 4, 5].
The issue was temporarily suspended when on 7 December 1988 a devastating earthquake hit Armenia, levelling the cities of Leninakan (now Gumri) and Spitak, killing 25,000 people.
This year, local studio Armenfilm has two features in the pipeline: One, a tragicomedy, marks the 10th anniversary of the 1989 Leninakan earthquake; the other, "Symphony of Silence," is Chaldranian's next project.
In 1988, over 25,000 people were killed and 503,000 left homeless when an earthquake hit the region surrounding the towns of Leninakan and Spitak in Armenia.
He also wanted money sent to Leninakan to build and renovate the Gumrie Varaz Museum.