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Noun1.Leon Trotsky - Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist who helped Lenin and built up the armyLeon Trotsky - Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist who helped Lenin and built up the army; he was ousted from the Communist Party by Stalin and eventually assassinated in Mexico (1879-1940)
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Entries cover such topics as Bloody Sunday, casualties of the Russian Civil War, Winston Churchill, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Tsar Nicholas II, the Red Guards, the Red Army, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Woodrow Wilson, the Volunteer Army, the WomenAaAaAeAaAaAeAeAas Batta of Death, the Revolutionary Military Council, the Brusilov Offensive, and Allied intervention in Russia.
1940: Leon Trotsky, exiled Bolshevik leader who found asylum in Mexico, died after being struck several blows on the head with an ice pick wielded by Ramon Mercader, an agent for Stalin.
TONY Blair has disclosed how he was inspired to enter politics by the example of the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky.
No he visto aun la citada pelicula, por ello no puedo opinar en el aspecto filmico, pero si puedo hacerlo en cuanto al relato que hace Chavarrias, quien afirma que Leon Trotsky fundo el Ejercito Rojo.
Having built relationships with a variety of Bolshevik leaders, including Karl Radek and Leon Trotsky, Arthur is able to pass valuable intelligence to British officials.
Very highly recommended for community, college, and university library collections in general, and Leon Trotsky supplemental studies reading lists in particular, it should be noted for students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject that "Trotsky in New York, 1917" is also available in a Kindle edition ($16.
Epithets like "racists," "imperialists," "lapdogs of the capitalist class," and that most dreaded term, "fascist," were not just directed with religious zeal at political enemies like Leon Trotsky, and for a while, FDR; they were also hurled at party members who attempted to liberalize the totalitarian nature of a party that followed every zig and zag of Josef Stalin's power-mad brain.
The Life and Death of Leon Trotsky is a biography of Marxist revolutionary, Soviet politician, and founding leader of the Red Army Leon Trotsky (1879-1940).
Este domingo 21 de agosto, se cumplen 76 anos del atroz homicidio de Leon Trotsky, uno de los mas sobresalientes revolucionarios comunistas del siglo XX.
Leon Trotsky has gotten mixed reviews over the years, including among historians and biographers.
3) Although he had been deprived of power in his Russian homeland, governments on the continent still regarded Leon Trotsky as a dangerous agitator.
the bibliographies compiled by Wolfgang and Petra Lubitz, working on online "Trotskyana" for the project "Lubitz' Leon Trotsky Bibliography," which contains around 16,000 title records (http://www.