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Noun1.Leptoglossus - leaf-footed bugsLeptoglossus - leaf-footed bugs      
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Coreidae, family Coreidae - squash bugs and leaf-footed bugs
leaf-foot bug, leaf-footed bug - large sap-sucking bug with leaflike expansions on the legs
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Grimm and Maes (2006) observed Pachycoris klugii Burmeister (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae) and Leptoglossus zonatus (Dallas) (Het.
One invasive insect species, Leptoglossus occidentalis or Western conifer seed bug, started appearing in Lebanon between 2012 and 2013, Nemer said, causing low pine-nut yields.
Based on visual scouting, the most abundant leaf-footed bug was Leptoglossus phyllopus (L.
En marzo de 2014, en el area A1, fueron colectados ocho especimenes de Leptoglossus stigma (Herbst) (Fig.
El alto porcentaje de semilla vana pudo ser originado por una polinizacion deficiente o por danos provocados por Leptoglossus occidentalis.
Blattodea Blattellidae Ischnoptera Blattodea Blattellidae Parcoblatta Hemiptera Aradidae Mezira Hemiptera Belostomatidae Lethocerus Hemiptera Berytidae Jalysus Hemiptera Coreidae Acanthocephala Hemiptera Coreidae Leptoglossus Hemiptera Corixidae Hesperocorixa Hemiptera Corixidae Sigara Hemiptera Corixidae Trichocorixa Hemiptera Gerridae Gerris Hemiptera Hydrometridae Hydrometra Hemiptera Lygaeidae Kleidocerys?
For the family Coreidae, adult Leptoglossus zonatus females strongly attracted the milichiid flies, and the first flies always arrived two seconds after they were crushed, but the flies arrived after 34 seconds when a male bug was crushed.
Outros hemipteros responderam de forma diferente dos pentatomideos, como Leptoglossus gonagra (Fabricius), cuja populacao nao variou em funcao do sistema de controle de plantas daninhas.
Male-male aggressive behavior is changed by body size difference in the leaf-footed plant bug, Leptoglossus australis, Fabricius (Heteroptera: Coreidae).
alata foi constatado tambem em relacao ao percevejo Leptoglossus gonagra Fabr.