Lesbian love

1.See Lesbianism.
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She championed lesbian visibility, lesbian love, lesbian desire.
While embracing the way queerness has long permeated the horror genre, Monsters also presents lesbian love (and sex) as a kind of haven in the storm or an antidote to the horrors (sexual and otherwise) that seem to inundate Karen's world.
Portas discovers that the heiress kept detailed diaries about her financial concerns, her work to restore the estate - and her lesbian love affairs.
For Brooke it was an escape from her character Sophie's lesbian love triangle with Kate and Caz, right.
Hundreds of thousands of lesbians were moved and validated by the story, and the storytelling craft influenced decades of writers that followed in Forrest's footsteps to write stories exclusively focused on lesbian love.
This collaborative project features Amy Lowell's lesbian love poetry from the early twentieth century, an essay by Lillian Faderman that analyzes Lowell's poetry and her relationship with actress Ada Dwyer Russell, and lastly, Mary Meriam's twenty-seven sonnets capturing Lowell's voice in the grips of torrid romantic fever.
However, the 61-year-old, who is comedian Brendan's sister, admitted her own "internalised homophobia" stopped her staying with her first lesbian love two decades ago.
The 28-year-old actress said that making the loose adaptation of Julie Maroh's graphic novel, about a high-school girl's lesbian love affair with an older, blue-haired art student had been "extremely difficult", Metro.
Ghosh (mass communication, Jamia Millia Islamia, India) analyzes the 1996 Indian-Canadian film Fire, a lesbian love story about the wives of two brothers who fall in love with each other, and the subsequent controversy and protests in India.
She's more likely to be tumbling out of a club with her lady-garden on show or stepping out to face the camera flashes with her lesbian love Samantha Ronson.
Finely translated into English by Dalya Bilu, "Dearest Anne: A Tale of Impossible Love" is the story of Rivi, many decades after a lesbian love affair with her teacher.
Her first novel, Desert of the Heart, a lesbian love story published in 1964, was made into an award-winning film, Desert Hearts, in 1985.
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