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n.1.(Meteor.) A dry sirocco in the Madeira Islands.
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They were the widow's three sons, Stout Will, and Lester, and John.
Then his keen hunting-knife flew forth and in a trice, Stout Will, Lester, and merry John were free men and had sprung forward and seized the halberds from the nearest soldiers guarding the gallows.
Jeffrey Lester, an executive vice president with USA Truck Inc.
The Lester Rawson Band says it can't be neatly pinned down, given a set list that ranges from Rodney Crowell to Sam Cooke, Phish to Muddy Waters, and from Tom Waits to The Rolling Stones.
Alison Lester, secretary of the Friends group, said: "We would like to provide some springtime colour and interest in the grounds.
Western Aircraft, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, recently declared that the hiring of Dale Lester as its Central Regional Sales Manager.
FORMER Nottingham Forest and Sheffield United striker Jack Lester is hoping to play his part in Gateshead's push for the play-offs over the last two months of the season.
As Lester argues, the prohibition is problematic precisely because it was never fully implemented or enforced.
Lester, a sperm donor for Jacko, has offered to take DNA tests.
Community leaders in Handsworth put up a plaque in memory of Lester Kidd, a popular, if eccentric, character, and dedicated it to all the area's vulnerable people.
Simon Michael Lester, 29, of Llewellyn Street, Dowlais, admitted burglary and was jailed for two years and four months.
Charlton Carlos Lester celebrates 15 years worth of achievements with Omnitech Institute, a technical school he founded in 1998.