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n.1.(Meteor.) A dry sirocco in the Madeira Islands.
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They were the widow's three sons, Stout Will, and Lester, and John.
Then his keen hunting-knife flew forth and in a trice, Stout Will, Lester, and merry John were free men and had sprung forward and seized the halberds from the nearest soldiers guarding the gallows.
Jon Lester took the pitcher's mound for live batting practice Thursday, and it sounded like this:
Ten-year-old Lester Musselbaum is not happy about attending public school after his mom gets a library job and can no longer home-school him.
THE excellent articles on Lester Piggott evoked memories of my all-too-brief, but never-to-be-forgotten, dealings with the great jockey.
In early 1950's future father of Sinhala Cinema Lester James Peries who had a long visionary ambition in building up Sri Lankan film industry with gained experience of techniques applied by Western nations came back to Sri Lanka.
The exhibition was curated and produced by the artist himself-- Lester had been invited to do the show by de Appel's director, Lorenzo Benedetti, but when Benedetti was controversially dismissed last year, Lester decided to proceed on his own--and includes the contributions of more than twenty artists, musicians, programmers, architects, writers, and friends.
Speculations about the paternity of Michael Jackson's son Prince took a new twist on Sunday after the celebrated singer's close friend Mark Lester claimed that actor Marlon Brando may be Prince's real father.
I cannot say for certain how and when they met, but I do know that Muriel Lester and Nellie Dowell loved one another.
Jeffrey Lester, an executive vice president with USA Truck Inc.
The Lester Rawson Band says it can't be neatly pinned down, given a set list that ranges from Rodney Crowell to Sam Cooke, Phish to Muddy Waters, and from Tom Waits to The Rolling Stones.
Alison Lester, secretary of the Friends group, said: "We would like to provide some springtime colour and interest in the grounds.