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 (lē′vən), Loch
A lake of eastern Scotland north-northwest of Edinburgh. Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned on an island in the lake from 1567 to 1568.


1. (Placename) a lake in E central Scotland: one of the shallowest of Scottish lochs, with seven islands, on one of which Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned (1567–8). Length: 6 km (3.7 miles). Width: 4 km (2.5 miles)
2. (Placename) a sea loch in W Scotland, extending for about 14 km (9 miles) east from Loch Linnhe


(ˈli vən)

n. Loch,
a lake in E Scotland: ruins of a castle in which Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned.
References in classic literature ?
At one of the extremities of the camp, near an immense tent, in which the Scottish officers were holding a kind of council, presided over by Lord Leven, their commander, a man attired as a cavalier lay sleeping on the turf, his right hand extended over his sword.
Lying behind the tent of Lord Leven, I raised it and saw all, heard all
And the king, putting spurs to his horse, set off to the tent of Lord Leven.
Sire," said Lord Leven, with hesitation, "sire, your majesty has been deceived by false reports.
Sire," murmured Lord Leven, crushed by shame, "sire, we are ready to give you every proof of our fidelity.
Then, as Lord Leven and the other chieftains recoiled before this unexpected rescue, which seemed to come from Heaven for the prince they already thought was their prisoner, Athos and Aramis dragged the king from the perjured assembly into which he had so imprudently ventured, and throwing themselves on horseback all three returned at full gallop to the royal tent.
At last we came so near the point of land at the entering in of Loch Leven that I begged to be set on shore.
North Riding Tees Valley Under-10 Girls' League Middlesbrough Girls Leven DFC THIS was a tight game played in dif-ficult wet and windy conditions on the astroturf at Middlesbrough College.
LEVEN FC collected their first piece of silverware of the season - lifting the ALBAS Cup.
com)-- Master storyteller Linda Leven artfully breathes life into the current postmodern condition of relationships - its subtleties and vagaries - in an expansive page-turner, The Intimacy Maelstrom.
Such was the case when I learned of the August 2011 passing of Leven Leatherbury.