a.1.(Chem.) Pertaining to, or denoting, an acid (called also acetyl-propionic acid), C5H8O3, obtained by the action of dilute acids on various sugars (as levulose).
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001 Table 6 Effect of Rutile and Antibiotics on Hydrogen Peroxide and Delta Amino Levulinic Acid [H.
Levulinic ketals--the cornerstone of what Segetis calls its "Javelin Technology," are a broad family of bio-based compositions.
Through chemical process, the pentose sugars could be converted directly to furfural and levulinic acid [15].
capsulatus heme A gene under the control of the constitutive promoter at a maximum concentration of 21 mM in the absence of levulinic acid, which is an inhibitor of DALA dehydratase.
Experimental and kinetic modeling studies on the acid-catalysed hydrolysis of the water hyacinth plant to levulinic acid.
The company produces monomers called levulinic ketals which can be used to make new classes of chemicals and plastics with improved health and environmental footprint as well as novel performance attributes.
At this point, the rate of degradation of already hydrolyzed sugars to hydroxymethyl-furfural and levulinic acid is similar to the rate of new sugar production.
1999) and weak organic acids such as acetic acid as well as formic and levulinic acids that are formed from the breakdown of HMF and furfural (Larsson et al.
Other substances experimented with included levulinic acid, which increased the brain's take-up of nicotine, and pyridine, which belongs to the same chemical family as nicotine and interacts with it.
The delta amino levulinic acid test was carried out to exhibit lead exposure (2).
The Segetis bio-based plasticizers are built on an exciting new platform of cellulosic-based levulinic ketals, which Segetis has branded as Javelin[TM] technology.
Fezza explains that this involves pairing an ELOS laser treatment--a combination of intense light and radio frequency--with levulinic acid.