Li Po

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Li Po

 (lē′ pō′, bō′) or Li Bai (bī′) or Li Bo (bō′) c. 701-762.
Chinese poet whose verse reflects his interest in early folk songs and often has colorful and romantic subject matter.

Li Po

(ˈliː ˈtaɪ ˈpəʊ) or

Li T'ai-po

(Biography) ?700–762 ad, Chinese poet. His lyrics deal mostly with wine, nature, and women and are remarkable for their imagery

Li Po

(ˈli ˈpoʊ, ˈboʊ)
A.D. 701?–762, Chinese poet of the T'ang dynasty. Also called Li Tai Po.


a combining form meaning “fat,” “lipid”: lipolysis.


[comb. form representing Greek lípos fat]
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Noun1.Li Po - Chinese lyric poet (700-762)
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Contract awarded for 1 Li Po Simple Installation Pump stations
After establishing how Li Po, unattached to authorship, sent his poems on leaves downstream, and how "death never entered his poems," the speaker, in the last stanza, finally emerges and paints himself into the landscape.
Ombinzi ngele oya pupwa yi li po 120/80 otashi ti oyi li nawa, omanga ngele otayi ulike omupambulwayalu 140/90 nenge okuya pombanda oya talika ko ya londa.
In 1907, Mahler - ill and exhausted - happened upon a new translation of poets from China's T'ang Dynasty, in particular the work of Li Bai (also called Li Po, or Li Bo) whose captivating lyrics celebrating life and drunkenness apparently stirred Mahler's creativity.
Li Po Comes to America is a chapbook of free-verse poetry in which almost every poem is titled after a law of physics or science - or a stop on Li Po's multifaceted travels.
The singers want to get their audience in a sunny mood with a programme of summer music which will include The Entertainer, Till There Was You, plus a selection of Perry Como songs and a poem written by Chinese poet Li Po and set to music written by the choir's conductor Angela Griffith, following her holiday in China.
Debord is proud of his drinking and frequently invokes Li Po, who hid his fame in taverns, as an illustrious predecessor.
Li Po states that his writings are the result of direct dictation through his psychic powers.
One wishes for a little more time spent on Paulus's beautiful and haunting settings of poetry by the Chinese poet Li Po (Meditations of Li Po [Valley Forge, Penn.
Traditionally considered one of China's greatest poets, Li Po lived from 701 to 762 A.
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Ondi wete kutya nafye twa pumbwa oku va pandula, shaashi ngeno Dr Ndume ka li po, ngeno shiimba ovanhu ve dule pomayovi omulongo, ovo va twikululwa kuDr Ndume paife moule weedula ashike omulongo nambali odo da dja ko, ngeno shiimba natango ihava mono ko.