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sext 1

also Sext  (sĕkst)
n. Ecclesiastical
1. The fourth of the seven canonical hours.
2. The time of day set aside for this service, usually the sixth hour, or noon.

[Middle English sexte, from Late Latin sexta, from Latin sexta (hōra), sixth (hour), feminine of sextus, sixth; see s(w)eks in Indo-European roots.]

sext 2

A sexually explicit digital message or image, especially a photograph or video of oneself, usually transmitted by cell phone.
v. sext·ed, sext·ing, sexts
1. To send a sext to (someone): sexted her boyfriend.
2. To send a sext of (something): sexted photos to his girlfriend.
To send a sext: sext with an ex.

[Blend of sex and text, to send text messages.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) chiefly RC Church the fourth of the seven canonical hours of the divine office or the prayers prescribed for it: originally the sixth hour of the day (noon)
[C15: from Church Latin sexta hōra the sixth hour]


a sexually explicit text messagea text message containing an invitation to have sex
to send (someone) such a text message
[C21: a blend of sex + text]
ˈsexting n


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church an official compilation of decretals issued by Boniface VIII in 1298 to supplement the five books of the Liber Extra. It forms part of the Corpus Juris Canonici. In full: Liber Sextus



the fourth of the seven canonical hours, or the service for it, orig. fixed for the sixth hour of the day taken as noon.
[1375–1425; late Middle English sexte, syxt < Medieval Latin sexta (hōra) sixth (hour)]
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Noun1.sext - the fourth of the seven canonical hours; about noon
canonical hour - (Roman Catholic Church) one of seven specified times for prayer
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Resumen: El principio enunciado en el titulo aparece entre las regulae iuris situadas al final del Liber Sextus de Bonifacio VIII.
Ibn Daud israelita philosophus, a qui l'archeveque Jean de Tolede avait commande la traduction du De anima ou Liber sextus naturalium d'Avicenne, fut aide par l'archidiacre de Cuellar Dominicus, qui aurait, pour sa part, collabore avec "maitre Jean" pour celle de la Logica et philosophia d'al-Ghazali, et avec un certain Jean, peut-etre le magister Iohannes anterieur, pour celle du Fons Vitae d'Ibn Gabirol (50).
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A canon law text, the Liber sextus decretalium, representing a genre of university book of which examples are rarely available for sale, was subsequently acquired with Notre Dame in 2000.
Published by Boniface VIII in 1298 in his Liber Sextus, Periculoso imposed strict enclosure for all nuns in the Latin Church.
Now, thanks to Robert Lee Weaver's new edition of an important collection of five-and six-voice motets published by Waelrant during the 1550s, the Liber sextus sacrarum cantionum, we can at last appreciate the composer's musical skills in depth.
liber sextus (1594) provokes not only a reproduction of the title-page and a page of Francesco Coattino's type, but also an illustration of a medal showing in profile the dedicatee of the volume, Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini.