Liberal education

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education that enlarges and disciplines the mind and makes it master of its own powers, irrespective of the particular business or profession one may follow.

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But for the world's opinion those experiences would have been simply a liberal education.
Henry deeply felt the misfortune of being debarred from a liberal education.
Cannot students be boarded here and get a liberal education under the skies of Concord?
They are trained in this art from their youth, and are not always of noble birth, or liberal education.
A liberal education had of course left him free to read the indecent passages in the school classics, but beyond a general sense of secrecy and obscenity in connection with his internal structure, had left his imagination quite unbiassed, so that for anything he knew his brains lay in small bags at his temples, and he had no more thought of representing to himself how his blood circulated than how paper served instead of gold.
They had nothing much to talk about but themselves, and, while she received a liberal education concerning Arctic travel and gold-mining, he, in turn, touch by touch, painted an ever clearer portrait of her.
Madame Rabourdin had justified the expectations formed of Mademoiselle Leprince; she possessed the elements of that apparent superiority which pleases the world; her liberal education enabled her to speak to every one in his or her own language; her talents were real; she showed an independent and elevated mind; her conversation charmed as much by its variety and ease as by the oddness and originality of her ideas.
And thus was Sol Witberg given a liberal education in the art of perjury.
One of the most profound statements in James Herbert's lead essay--simple as it seems at the very beginning of his piece--concerns his discovery early in his career that "a liberal education in honors was good preparation for life.
With UM's strong liberal education underpinning tied to a focused, high-tech, innovation-oriented education, our graduates are finding opportunities to build the high-tech industries of Montana.
The champions of liberal education and its stand-in, general education, have been on the defensive for decades trying to make a case for the value and necessity of liberal learning.
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