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 (lē′brə-vĭl′, -vēl′)
The capital and largest city of Gabon, in the northwest part of the country on the Gulf of Guinea. Founded as a French trading post in 1843, it was named Libreville after freed slaves settled there (1848).


(French librəvil)
(Placename) the capital of Gabon, in the west on the estuary of the Gabon River: founded as a French trading post in 1843 and expanded with the settlement of freed slaves in 1848. Pop: 649 000 (2005 est)


(Fr. li brəˈvil)

the capital of Gabon, in the W part, on the Gulf of Guinea. 350,000.
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Noun1.Libreville - the capital of GabonLibreville - the capital of Gabon      
Gabon, Gabonese Republic, Gabun - a republic on the west coast of Africa
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th] edition of the New York Forum AFRICA (NYFA), the world's leading pan-African business summit, will now take place on August 29-31 2015 in Libreville, Gabon under the High Patronage of His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Gabonese Republic.
Minister Mansour partook in the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation in Guinea Conakry, and inaugurated the new building of the Lebanese Embassy and the housing compound in Libreville, Gabon, funded by the Lebanese community there.
TUNIS, (TAP) - Tunisia's Club Africain defeated Congo's Inter Club 32-19 at an Africa Clubs Championship for Winners' Cup Group A day-4 game played on Tuesday evening in Libreville, Gabon.
Levinson will be permanently based in the organization's headquarters in Libreville, Gabon.
The plane, owned by the US company Global Aviation, took off from Kano in northern Nigeria on Monday evening towards Libreville, Gabon.
But this is what you expect at the Universit Omar Bongo campus in Libreville, Gabon, along the coast of West Africa.
On January 11, the CAR president and representatives of the Seleka fighters signed an agreement in Libreville, Gabon after three days of negotiations brokered by regional neighbors.
Leroy); Ministere de la Sante Publique, Libreville, Gabon (D.
NASDAQ: SATS) subsidiary Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) said that Internet service provider IG Telecom, headquartered in Libreville, Gabon, has chosen the Hughes HN broadband satellite solution to expand its services throughout the Central African nation and surrounding countries.
a) Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, and Chair, Motemite de l'hopital militaire de Libreville, Libreville, Gabon.
Confederation of African Football (CAF) president Issa Hayatou, left, receives South Sudan's national flag from its federation president Oliver Benjamin, right, during the CAF General Assembly in Libreville, Gabon, Friday Feb.
Officials at OIC said a meeting of information ministers of the member states in April this year in Libreville, Gabon embraced the idea.