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n.1.(Optics) A concave metallic mirror attached to the object-glass end of a microscope, to throw down light on opaque objects; a reflector.
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The intestinal villi (V) are lined by a simple columnar epithelium which is continuous with that of the Crypts of Lieberkuhn (CL).
The mucosa is made up of villi, which extend above the surface mucosa, and the crypts of Lieberkuhn, which extend below the surface.
En la mucosa, las formas ameboides (trofozoitos) se hallaron aisladas o agrupadas, en su mayoria dentro de las glandulas de Lieberkuhn (Figura 2); los parasitos tambien fueron hallados en la submucosa y dentro de vasos sanguineos.
The signals of ISHH were decreased from basilar part to upper in the crypt of lieberkuhn and disappeared in the inferior of villi of small intestine.
Crypts of Lieberkuhn are invagintions of the epithelium at the base and between the villi, like the web of the fingers.