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 (lē′bər-mən), Nancy Elizabeth Born 1958.
American basketball player who played on the US women's team in the 1976 Olympics as well as on various collegiate and professional teams (1976-1997) before becoming a coach and basketball commentator.


(ˈli bər mən)
Joseph, born 1942, U.S. politician: senator since 1988; Democratic vice-presidential candidate 2000.
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The second series of attacks raised the total number that evening to 18, according to Liebermann, as well as Palestinian news sources.
Lowell Liebermann provides the original music, while artist-in-residence Liam Scarlett handles the choreography.
What the Israeli military and air force are doing is to prevent the war spillover in Israel," Avigdor Liebermann, Israel's defense minister, said.
The 54-years-old American Lowell Liebermann wrote his single movement Sonata for Flute and Harp in 1997.
The first two, works by Henri Matisse and Max Liebermann, were handed over to their rightful owners' heirs in May.
Three Lullabies for Two Pianos, by Lowell Liebermann.
This event is congruent with earlier reports (loan 1927, Schiuma 1938, Daguerre 1940, Liebermann & Schiuma 1946, Liebermann 1972).
The pieces are by Henri Matisse, Max Liebermann and Carl Spitzweg.
The Liebermann Villa is the former summer residence of the impressionist painter Max Liebermann (18471937).
While Liebermann expresses a feeling of displacement and liminal existence in post-Wende Berlin through gothic, Wolf employs gothic motifs to work through her repressed compliance with the Stasi.
Songs relating in some way to the idea of home or a house that also point to the opening of the new home for the National Opera Center are by composers Mark Adamo, David Carlson, Richard Danielpour, Daron Hagen, Aaron Jay Kernis, Lori Laitman, Lowell Liebermann, David T.