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 (ĭ-răs′təs), Thomas Originally Thomas Lüber (or Lieber or Liebler). 1524-1583.
Swiss Protestant theologian and philosopher who opposed Calvinism and the use of excommunication as a punishment.


(ɪˈræs təs)

Thomas, 1524–83, Swiss-German theologian.
E•ras′ti•an, adj., n.
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It will continue to operate under its current leadership team led by Gar Liebler.
Siting the crosswalks can be a challenge, however, because the area is "well built-up" and has a "high density of business and residential driveways," according to city project manager Michael Liebler.
The Female Tragic Hero in English Renaissance Drama, edited by Naomi Conn Liebler.
Barber, Robert Weimann, Michael Bristol, Francois Laroque, and Naomi Conn Liebler.
What we would like to do is identify some of the most abundant of these reactive intermediates that are formed tinder representative conditions either in vitro or in animal models in vivo, where we can manipulate oxidative stress," says Liebler.